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Echigo-Tsumari 2022


This place is a twisting factory that is still in operation today, and silk threads are spun by the factory's twisting machine during the exhibition period. It is not only a place to display works, but also a place to work.

Fishing line, which are strongly affected by light, change their appearance in the morning and afternoon. When the light is backlit, the thread shines white, creating a strong contrast with the shadow of the loom, and at sunrise and sunset, the thread shines orange. The warp threads of large and small looms are stretched from beam to beam in the image of weaving a building. The rhombus that appears in the warp threads of the large loom is a pattern created by this building, which was created by crossing the trajectories of the warp threads of the two looms.



琴線」- 大地の芸術祭 2022 -




協力、素材提供: 高三商店/吉楽 寛之 (株式会社 ユーホームズ)/テグス屋

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